Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 10

Mozzie’s Journal: Today was a good day. Mom used this tool to help me get on the chaise lounge of the couch and I stopped whining about life. The freedom, coziness, and familiarity of the couch was exactly what I needed. I napped for nearly 6 hours on and off in this position. Then, IContinue reading “Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 10”

Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 6

Mozzie’s Journal: Dad took us out this morning and there was – you wouldn’t believe it – a squirrel! Kita jumped off the edge of our front steps and ran across the yard. I tried to follow, nearly pulling Dad’s arm off, but he restrained me and made me calm down, forcing me to breakContinue reading “Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 6”

Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 5

Mozzie’s Journal: 0500 hours: Kita alerted me to a squirrel on the deck. We promptly employed Squirrel Protocol and began to alert all neighborhood canines to the squirrel’s presence. Mom was sleeping in the couch and seemed very concerned about the squirrel as well as she also began yelling. Luckily both me and Kita wereContinue reading “Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 5”

Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 4

Mozzie’s Journal: The cone is still present. I have figured out that if I close the edges of the cone around my snout and pull my head backwards, both Mom and Dad react very strongly. I will repeat this process until either the cone comes off or I am given a distraction treat. I haveContinue reading “Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 4”

Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 3

Mozzie’s Journal, Day 3: I tried to up the ante on the crying that I’ve been doing, but Mom and Dad seem to not care no matter how loud or repeatedly I whine. Mom keeps singing a song at me about a hound dog which I find frustrating because she thinks she’s funny. Clearly, sheContinue reading “Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 3”

Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 2

Mozzie’s Journal, Day 2: I have made it clear in no uncertain terms that I am not going to allow my freedom to be compromised by the cone. I am actively trying to remove it myself but my methods, thus far, have failed. My knee feels weird and hurts and I am unhappy that neitherContinue reading “Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 2”

Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 1

Mozzie’s Journal, Day One: The humans have fastened the strange, noise-amplifying cone on my head again, presumably to keep me from fun and enjoyment. I will sing the song of my people at 3am, in solidarity with others who are fettered with such a cone. I will be unrelenting. The humans are also obsessed withContinue reading “Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 1”