I lived in an exoskeleton ofcynicism, sarcasm, prideentirely closed off to harsh windssharper wordsnot letting my gooey center outnot letting matter in AndI wish I found out soonerthat life begins with underbelly exposure,with squishiness of uncomfortability,with pins and palm needles of unsurednessand not with The. Perfect. Plan. I wish I had discovered earlier thatmy fireflyContinue reading “Firefly”

After Covid-19

I didn’t find bugs before.I didn’t take in leaves, branches, bloomsin front of Windows,beside the roads.Before. I didn’t know squirrels before orchipmunks,didn’t watch daily theatrics of crows, chickadees, hawksunfold in front lawn branches.Before. I didn’t nodalong to rhythmsof my neighborhood, relying on changing soundsof outside to keep time.Before. I didn’t smellbuds of spring, each aContinue reading “After Covid-19”

An ode to the lone Chinese fortune cookie on top of the microwave

Your plastic wrapping crinkleseach time I move and move and moveyou again,attempting to find your ideal place-out of the way but still at the forefront of our minds. You will never be eaten, only relocateduntil we deem it to have been“too long”or we explore whether we“even really like these”or we“can’t even remember when we ordered.”Continue reading “An ode to the lone Chinese fortune cookie on top of the microwave”

After Great-Aunt Florie’s Unveiling Service

A white teacup saucer with small rosebuds is sitting on the off-white carpeting and I’m holding the small, matching cup in my beauty-marked hand. My undotted hand feels sore in two spots where my teeth lie when I suck my fingers, pressing my sign for “I love you” against my small lips. Mr. Big BearContinue reading “After Great-Aunt Florie’s Unveiling Service”