Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 4

Mozzie’s Journal:

The cone is still present. I have figured out that if I close the edges of the cone around my snout and pull my head backwards, both Mom and Dad react very strongly. I will repeat this process until either the cone comes off or I am given a distraction treat. I have them very well trained.

The incessant barking isn’t going as planned. It’s almost as though my parents have grown immune to the sound of my whining. The upped ante plan is out. Now, I will bark at Kita’s actions, but not whine at all unless I suddenly REALLY need to lick something I can’t get to. Which is everything, but I will only whine most of the time instead of all of the time.

Mom was painting the mudroom when I had a sudden whine emergency that sounded different than the other emergencies. Kita had gotten on the couch (AGAIN) without my permission (AGAIN) and I was not happy. I had jumped up suddenly and put too much pressure on my right leg, causing me to yipe. Just as Mom came up the stairs, paint-covered, Kita jumped off the couch and over my head to greet her. This was not okay. No one should greet my mom like I greet my mom for she is mine. Sooo, despite yiping, I decided to jump up to all four legs and run at Mom. She started crying for me to stop but I had to get Kita away from the love and attention that was clearly meant for me (have I mentioned that she’s MY mom?). The cats did not like us suddenly moving and making a ton of noise, and scattered throughout the room. At least one of them peed on their way to hiding, which meant Mom was going to spend more time with me because she would have to clean up pee!

Kita decided to inspect the pee and she alerted me to these stinky treats the cats left in their litter boxes. Now no one wants kisses from either of us but we have stopped begging for food we know we shouldn’t have.

In the meantime, perhaps a temporary stay on my fight with Kita is necessary, if only for the kitty brownies she shared.

Sharon’s Journal:

James can sleep through anything. This past summer he literally slept through jackhammering happening directly below the bedroom. Needless to say, the hours of dog talk were wasted on him, as he took a nap but apparently was more tired than he thought. He slept through this entire ordeal.

After cleaning up spilled paint, cat pee, litter box messes made by dogs in the boxes, and taking the dogs for a walk, I decided we definitely weren’t having human children.


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