Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 5

Mozzie’s Journal:

0500 hours: Kita alerted me to a squirrel on the deck. We promptly employed Squirrel Protocol and began to alert all neighborhood canines to the squirrel’s presence.

Mom was sleeping in the couch and seemed very concerned about the squirrel as well as she also began yelling.

Luckily both me and Kita were able to go right back to sleep. When we woke up Mom had gotten a lot done around the house and it was my favorite time-breakfast! I still haven’t figured out how to properly eat with the freaking cone.

The whining has become overall ineffective on both Mom and Dad. I have stopped whining most of the time and have started breath-whining. It’s where I wine very softly with every breath, as though whining under my breath. I sound like an old man casually showing disgust with his children’s life choices. Sometimes I fall asleep while breath-whining but as soon as I wake up I remember to get going.

Mom finally stopped singing the hound song. Instead, she’s singing annoying jingles that further mock my situation. Nothing will ever be good in this world so long as the cone exists. Nothing. I fear I will lose all will to go on before I- SQUIRREL!

Kita! Holy crap! It’s a squirrel!

Hey! Hey! Hey you! Hey Squirrel! Hey! Hey! Heeeeey Squirrrrrrrrrel!  Hey!

Sharon’s Journal:

Dog bark + scared cats = new scratches for Sharon. I’m sleeping upstairs tonight.

It’s much easier to ignore his whining now that it’s clearly only about the cone. His leg isn’t swollen anymore and the brushing is gone so now it’s a matter of hoping he doesn’t do anything stupid to ruin his healing… Like running after squirrels.

Mozzie is not amused.



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