Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 2

Mozzie’s Journal, Day 2:

I have made it clear in no uncertain terms that I am not going to allow my freedom to be compromised by the cone. I am actively trying to remove it myself but my methods, thus far, have failed.

My knee feels weird and hurts and I am unhappy that neither Mom nor Dad seem to want to do anything about it, aside from the cold squares that I have decided are edible. Since I cannot get to my leg to lick the parts that hurt and inspect the parts that feel funny, I stare at my leg and loudly vocalize my displeasure.

The cats are now my nemeses. They can roam freely and are allowed on the couch. I will complain about this any chance I have and snap at them if they try to snuggle.

I am now on a hunger strike, refusing to eat my food. That will show them. (Of course, I will still eat the cats’ food, any treats I am given, and snow. Only my own food is off limits.)

Finally, I will refuse to go outside or “go potty” until Mom and Dad are asleep. I will disrupt their sleep every hour, on the hour, until one of them takes me outside, at which point I will walk the entire length of the driveway no less than 4 times before deciding I don’t really have to go.

To all my canine brethren, I will not surrender. I will not lose strength. I will lick my ass of my own free will before the week is out.

Sharon’s Journal, Day 2:

Send caffeine.


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