Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 8

Mozzie’s Journal:

As with all innovation there seems to be some hiccups in the use of my cone-scoop. Further testing is required although I think I may have worked out most of the kinks. I can slam Mom wherever I want her to be. I can move Kita around as needed. The cats are no problem. The elements of the natural world, on the other hand, are clearly out to get me.

Kita saw a deer which was even more exciting than the squirrel, so we enacted Deer Protocol and promptly alerted all other canines to the deer’s presence. We then began to try to get the better view out the window, which required that we jump over each other and push the other out of the way.

Mom did not like this for some reason (something about taking it easy, no jumping, down, down, bad dog). So she leashed us up and took us for a walk. Kita peed and I had to check it out, and despite Mom’s pulling, I managed to get some pee to go inside the bottom of my cone. Then,  I was sniffing about since the snow is gone and I can smell all the things, and I got too close to the poop I left in the woods earlier today. When we got inside, Mom wiped down my cone but before she could finish, I needed a serious drink of water. I gobbled it down really fast and then immediately threw it all up. In my cone. That was also covered in feces and urine. Mom let out one of her sighs where she mumbles under her breath and rolls her eyes and grabbed paper towels. Now I smell like puke even though Mom has cleaned my cone and neck about six times.

Sharon’s Journal:

Guess who’s getting a new cone tomorrow?


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