An Introduction to Real New Jersey and Really Being Jewish

When I tell people I’m from New Jersey, I can see them immediately picture the traffic on Route 80 heading towards New York City, the Jersey shore in August, and a lot of confusing right-hand exits that allow you to make a left-hand turn. I’m not from that part. Don’t get me wrong – JerseyContinue reading “An Introduction to Real New Jersey and Really Being Jewish”

After Great-Aunt Florie’s Unveiling Service

A white teacup saucer with small rosebuds is sitting on the off-white carpeting and I’m holding the small, matching cup in my beauty-marked hand. My undotted hand feels sore in two spots where my teeth lie when I suck my fingers, pressing my sign for “I love you” against my small lips. Mr. Big BearContinue reading “After Great-Aunt Florie’s Unveiling Service”