Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 16

Mozzie’s Journal:

I got to go in the car for the first time in like a million days! It was so exciting! First, we got in the car which was difficult but everyone got really excited and cheered when I got in.

Then, Mom stopped for gas in New Jersey which meant that I got to bark at the gas station attendant. I love barking at the gas attendant. Especially if they are wearing hats. It’s always really fun to let them know that this is my car and my mom and they should stay away.

Then, there was a weird motorcycle thing and I got to bark at that. I barked so much that I pulled my cone off which made seeing things in the car much easier.

Then we got to the vet and I made a friend with another canine who was also enconed. We joined the cones together and created a unicone, allowing us to momentarily read one another’s minds. Sniffles has seen some stuff, man.

I also got to get love from some of my favorite humans including Dr. Schneider. She and the other humans took out my stitches. But they left the cone on.

Then they brought me back to Mom. But they left the cone on.

Then Mom helped me load into the car and she also left the cone on.

Then we got home and I said hi to Dad and Kita and Dad again and the cats and Dad again. But both Mom and Dad left the cone on.

Guys, I’m starting to think that they’re not going to take it off ever again.

Sharon’s Journal:

We can give him cone breaks but he really needs to keep it on until everything is a little more healed. So another day or two. So long as he’s distracted he shouldn’t lick, right?

Also, in case you’re wondering, Mozzie wasn’t cooperative today when it came to photos so instead, here is Mozzie’s rescue cat, Little Guy. Mozzie believes that Little is legitimately “for him” because he was there when we rescued Little. Obviously, this makes Little Mozzie’s kitten.


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