Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Week 3

Mozzie’s Journal:

Mom and Dad have been awesome and let me hang around without the cone on. Sometimes. Sometimes they say, “No licking” over and over and then put the cone back on. It’s really a crapshoot and I have yet to figure out any sort of rhyme or reason to their methods.

Since the cone is mostly off, I am obviously mostly free so I try to take off running any chance I can and unless Mom or Dad stand in front of me, I like to leap down the 2 steps from the front door to the lawn. I still refuse to use the ramp Mom bought because it is weird and Mom obviously wants me to use it. Her wants do not dictate my actions, thank you. She must have a treat in her hand for that crap to work.

All of the sudden, I’m getting peanut butter almost every day. I’m not sure what the occasion is but first I got to lick frozen remnants out of an old jar. Then, Mom put some in a Kong and froze it and I got to lick that. It’s like any chance she has, I get peanut butter.

Sharon’s Journal:

He’s been handling surgery mostly well and hasn’t been biting at his knee or overly licking. That said, he’s a licker. He has skin allergies and can give himself a hotspot from licking in an afternoon if we’re not careful so to avoid a hotspot on the incision. Hence, the peanut butter distractions. And for the record, while he may think it’s a lot of peanut butter, it’s only about 2 tablespoons; we don’t need him weighing any more than he does.

He’s putting weight on his leg regularly and is gaining confidence walking on it. Now, if only we could get him to stop running…



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