Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 15

Mozzie’s Journal:

Mom keeps singing about, “Tomorrow” and loving it a lot. Dad doesn’t seem as annoyed by this as I am. I figure as long as they keep rubbing my ears everything must be okay. Ear rubbins and chin rubbins make everything okay.

My parents keep insisting that I use this ramp but I keep trying to show them that I can jump on and off things just fine. The ramp, for the record, is scary and makes me worry no matter how many treats they put on it. I can use the stairs like a proper gentleman, thank you. They worked so hard to teach me that stairs aren’t evil and now they want me to switch it up. A canine can hardly keep up with their mercurial whims.

The stair situation is especially awful when I’m on the deck and the neighbors are outside. Or, even more exciting, when the neighbor’s Newfie is outside. I want to sniff her butt so badly!

I also keep trying to climb the stairs to get to the bedrooms Kita can get up but I can only walk on unobstructed stairs and they have put packages of canned food there. If the entire stair isn’t available, I assume I will fall. Probably. Mom keeps looking like she’s afraid of falling down the stairs, too, so this isn’t entirely crazy on my part.

For now, fellow canines, I remain coned. Despite its advantages, I long for the feel of the wind in my neck fur, my ears flopping in the breeze, and my tongue on my bits.

Sharon’s Journal:

Between Annie’s “Tomorrow” and Les Mis’ “One Day More” I have properly butchered Broadway classics, Weird Al style, but very specific to my life so the lyrics probably won’t have wide appeal. Enjoy anyway. Or not.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, your stitches come out tomorrow, it’s only a day away!
(Repeat as often as necessary)

One Day More

One day more
Another day another squirrel to see
And then rushing in the woods to pee
Your cone, my boy, has hit my side
Way more than just a thousand times
One day more!

You did not get to lick today
I know you can’t stand the teasing

One day more

Tomorrow your stiches go away
And yet all walks we’ll still be leashing

One more day out in the cone

Will you ever lick again?

One more day with air not blowing.

You were born to run in fields

You’ll be able to eat your bone!

And eat the pears out by the drive

But you still can’t use the stairs!

The time is now, the place is here (no, over here…stay…stay…)

One day more!

One more day to itch abatement
You can fin’ly lick your butt
You’ll be just fine with your new leg
As long as you don’t go jump

Watch him run amuck
Then he makes Mom fall
When he has no cone on
It’s a free for all
Watch out for the leash
He’ll get it underfoot
Careful or you’ll find yourself
With a face full of dirt

One day to a new beginning

The time for bellyrubs is nigh!

Every itch will be relieved

Every itch will be relieved

There’s a bully stick for the noshing

There’s a new bone to chew on

Do you hear your mommy sing?

Don’t look in fear, I sing to yooooooooou!

One day more!

Tomorrow you’ll be a happy face
Tomorrow is the stitches day
Tomorrow we’ll discover
Just how much longer you must chill for
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!


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