Mozzie’s Post-Surgery Journal: Day 12

Mozzie’s Journal:

I am feeling better. I make this obvious by wanting to go outside more but both Mom and Dad seem intent on limiting my walks as well as not letting me off the leash. So, today, to show them that I feel a lot better, I avoided all the barriers they set up to keep me off the couch. Not only am I more capable of movement, humans, I’m also really good at puzzles.

“I do what I want.” – Mozzie.

I refused to move and Kita had already stolen my bed so I told Mom that telling me to “lie down on my bed” wouldn’t work. Then, I let out a gruff sigh and let her know that it was the end of the conversation. That will show her who’s really in charge.

Kita has been complicate in my plans to stay on the couch all day, as she is more than happy to occupy the bed. The cats, too, seem happy to curl up with me n the couch which just makes it that much harder to get Mom or Dad to want to move me. Now I know their weaknesses and I know how to play them.

Later, I was feeling especially frustrated so I banged my cone against the coffee table over and over until it broke apart. Then, before Mom could put it back together, I jumped on the chaise lounge and instantly knew I was in trouble so made my adorable guilty look. Hopefully with very little coaxing I will be able to get them leave the cone unattached. If I do it over and over and over again, perhaps they will give up. I can be very stubborn and persistent when I want to be.

How can you stay mad at that face for long?

Sharon’s Journal:

He moved pillows, pawed at blankets until they unfolded or fell, pushed the coffee table, and blatantly walked across the folding table we were using as a deterrent. Without relocating the couch, I’m not sure how to keep him off anymore…Maybe we’ll cover the couch in the plastic stuff my grandparents used to use – no one wants to curl on up plastic.

James had to help me put his cone back together because I’m doing everything with one hand. Chances are if Mozzie gets the cone loose on Monday, he’s going to get to roam free for a bit unless I can find the gaffer’s tape because then I’d tape up the hooks enough that they wouldn’t pull loose. Yay for being a theater kid with gaff tape, boo for being disorganized enough to have no idea where it is. Also, boo for hairline fractures making an already ridiculous situation that much more ridiculous. Oh, Sharon-luck, you are so incredibly mean.

He shouldn’t be jumping AT ALL, but at least the jump to the couch is only 2ish feet. And he doesn’t jump down from the couch – he sort of pours himself off of it, slowly. And with legs like his (at least 3 feet high) it’s more of a climb than a full jump but still. If he relies too much on his good leg, he’s at a 40% risk for needing to do the same TTA procedure on his now-good leg. So, there’s that.

I wish he would use the ramp we got him…


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